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Paul Tucker
Essex County
District Attorney

Most Qualified, Best Prepared

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A Message from Paul to the voters of Essex County

I’m writing to humbly ask for your vote on Primary Day, Tuesday, September 6.

After months of campaigning across Essex County, Primary Day is just one week away. In the race for Essex County District Attorney, the Primary results will determine who wins the seat; there are no Republican candidates.

This election is important. We will have a new District Attorney in Essex County for the first time in 20 years. It’s important we get it right. I ask you to consider my education, training, experience, background, vision, and values. I have been an attorney for over two decades. I have served as an educator, teaching the law for over 20 years. As a police officer, I was charged with enforcing the law. As Police Chief, I led and managed a complex and multifaceted public safety organization. As a legislator, I play an important role in making the law. These experiences, anchored in public service, uniquely qualify me for the position of District Attorney.

Serving as part of the prosecution team I worked closely with the District Attorney’s office having been involved in over 1,000 cases – from arrest to verdict. I have stood with victims of crime throughout my career, keeping violent offenders and drug traffickers off the street.


Prioritizing rehabilitation over incarceration, I have led efforts to help the most vulnerable of our society. When serving as Police Chief in Salem, we were one of the first departments to hire mental health clinicians to join police officers, offering wrap around services to individuals suffering from mental illness, substance use disorder, or with dual diagnoses. Creating a Community Impact Unit allowed our department to initiate proactive measures to support our residents, helping people and making our community stronger as a result. We transformed a vacant city-owned building into a community center offering recreational, afterschool, and health programs to at-risk youth by establishing a partnership with local non-profits and government agencies. These are a few examples of how innovation, leadership, and teamwork can result in stronger communities. This is what I will bring to the office of District Attorney.

Over 100 community leaders throughout Essex County have endorsed my candidacy for District Attorney because they believe I am the most qualified, best prepared candidate. I hope you agree and cast your vote for me, Paul Tucker for Essex County District Attorney on Primary Day, September 6.

Thank you for your support.

Paul Tucker


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Excerpts from the Essex County District Attorney Debate held at the Enterprise Center in Salem, MA on August 24th, 2022. 


For decades, the Essex County District Attorney’s Office has set the standards for integrity, innovation and effective pursuit of justice.

I share retiring DA Jon Blodgett’s strong commitment to holding criminals accountable, securing justice for victims of crime, providing services and drug treatment to non-violent offenders, and engaging the community in crime prevention.

I am running for District Attorney to uphold those high standards and to continue and build upon that unwavering commitment to the pursuit of justice.


I have been an attorney for 21 years. I welcome this opportunity to put my criminal justice background, law enforcement training, and administrative and management experience to work To lead Essex County’s “People’s Law Office.”

Now more than ever, being an effective District Attorney is about crime prosecution and crime prevention.

As a State Representative and former Police Chief, I have had the privilege of working in partnership with the District Attorney’s Office for years on many initiatives to make Essex County a safer place to live and work. I support continued close collaboration with the Department of Children and Families, local police and school departments, and community groups to address the serious problems of child abuse, domestic violence, opiate addiction, and elder abuse. Stopping crime before it starts is part of the job.

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